Maximize your potential with speaker Erik Bertrand Larssen

Erik Bertrand Larssen

This speaker travels from Norway.

He is one of the most popular speakers in Norway. Thoughts From the Top is an inspirational walk-through of how the best athletes, soldiers, leaders and specialists think to reach their maximum potential. 

During his time with the department of Defense in Norway, Erik participated in numerous international missions as a part of Special Forces. From the world of business, Erik has experience from Finansbanken, NetCom and Mercuri Urval where he worked with recruitment, selection and leadership development.

Erik Bertrand Larssen has also worked as a mental coach for several years. Both the business and athletic industry have used his knowledge and skills to improve performance in their personal and professional life. He was the mental coach for the national skiing team at the world championship in Oslo in 2011.

Erik has always been curious about mental development and impact. This is particularly in relation to achievement and potential and the qualities that separate the the best from the rest. Erik Bertrand’s insight and methods for mental coaching has benefitted many athletes, stockbrokers, and leaders from top companies.

Erik is highly passionate about making his clients perform better and he is a talented speaker with the ability to inform and motivate behavioral changes.








Keynote topics:

Thoughts From the Top

Erik is amongst Norway’s most popular keynote speakers. His keynote is an inspirational walkthrough of how the best athletes, soldiers, leaders and specialists think in order to maximize their achievement and performance.

He draws on his experience as an elite soldier combined with lessons learnt from his time with athletes and leaders from the business world. He introduces techniques and methods you can utilize to mobilize the power within so that you will perform better in your everyday life and when it really counts.

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