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Checklist for speakers

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As a speaker there are many things you need to remember before doing a presentation for a client. Especially if you are not connected with a speakers bureau of sorts that can take care of all the practical issues. This is why we have prepared this checklist for you so that you will remember all you need.

The checklist can also be used if you are a client booking a speaker as it will help you focus on the things you need to remember in order to be better prepared or if, one day, you want to do a talk or keynote yourself.


CLIENT: _____________________________

KEYNOTE: __________________________

  • Check your availability: try and reply within 24 hours
  • Settle on a fee
  • Decide if you want a set fee deal or covering extra expenses
  • Have the contract signed by both parties
  • Book transport or let the client or bureau do it


Check the client

  • How many employees does the company have?
  • What do they work with?


Call the company booker

  • How many guests can you expect for your keynote or event?
  • Is A/V equipment available?
  • Have there been important changes since you signed the contract?
  • Make sure you know what challenges the company faces on a day to day basis
  • What other speakers did they use recently?
  • Is there a certain problem or challenge that is particularly relevant to the company presently?


Things to remember after the event is over

  • Where are you staying for the night after the event and has transport been covered?
  • Have you added the company contacts to your own sales archive?
  • Did you or your booking agency send them an invoice?
  • Did you store contract and paperwork somewhere safe?
  • Did you report for tax correctly?
  • Did you remember to send a mail to the company saying thank you for booking you? It is a good way to keep in touch which may perhaps lead to another booking sometime in the future
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