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How to choose the right speaker for your event?

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The art of planning a successful and unforgettable event may seem difficult. That is why we at A-Speakers have gathered a wide range of useful tips along with some of our many clients and some of the world’s most sought-after speakers.

Most of them are very simple to implement and at the same time, they will help ensure that you get the most out of your event.

Set specific goals for your event

There might be several different reasons why you choose to plan an event with a speaker. It can be an internal event for colleagues, clients, the management or members of an organization. It can be to sell more tickets, to inspire or to entertain – just to name a few. We recommend that you spend some time clarifying these reasons so the rest of your work with the event supports the main aim. Even though it sounds straightforward it is not unusual that an event changes character during the planning process. This might be with good reason, but it is important to be aware of it.

It is, of course, also very important to adjust the event to the audience. Who are they, what are their expectations, and what has previously worked well? What impressions and insights do you want your audience to take home from your event?

At some events, it might be useful to have a host, an MC or a moderator. These people can help ensure that the audience is entertained, the speakers are introduced correctly, and everything is on schedule. Experienced moderators are also great at handling any potential mistakes and unexpected problems that might occur during your event.

#1 Define the overall topic or theme of your event

#2 Make the aim of the event clear to everyone

#3 Match your expectations to the desired outcome of the presentation

#4 Consider if you need a moderator to control the schedule

Choose the right speaker

With a clearly defined purpose and background for planning your event, you have a good foundation to start the process of finding the perfect speaker for your event. Some speakers appeal to a diverse target audience and some specialize in one core area. It is important to ensure a good match between your organization and audience and the individual speaker and what he/she can do for you.

Additionally, make sure to give a proper description of the audience to the speaker – including things you might take for granted. There can be a notable difference between speaking to the public sector or private sector, for the young or the elderly, in Dubai or in Glasglow. Don’t forget to consider targeting and adaptation.

“Be careful about asking a speaker to talk about topics outside their core area”.

Of course, most people want to get something unique for their event, and many speakers aim to provide the best possible service. However, in some instances, a speaker might get too far from their area of expertise, and that is not beneficial to anyone. Keeping this in mind, being open to speakers with a different background than what you initially had in mind, might make your work easier. As long as you have a clearly stated purpose for the event.

#1 Does the speaker you have in mind match your organization?

#2 Go through related speakers and make a list of possible candidates

#3 Make your decision on the basis of an informed choice and evaluate the pros and cons

#4 Do not ask a speaker to talk about topics outside their core area

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