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How to increase the amount of participants for your event?

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Whether it is an open or closed event, it is important to promote your event in order for as many people as possible to show up. Of course, the event might be mandatory for some, but you will get the best outcome if the participants know what the event is actually about. It is important to consider the message you want people to walk away with. Is it entertainment, skill enhancement, a good shared experience or something completely different?

Allow yourself to spend some extra time on invitations and advertising – regardless of whether it is online or offline. There is nothing worse than preparing an incredible event with no attendees because no one understood the message or aim of the event.

Checklist for online promotion

Facebook – create an event where you can invite, advertise and share messages continuously. It is also possible to create closed events if you want to do something extra for an internal event.
Newsletters and emails – this is still one of the most effective ways to get people to participate in an event and actually make them show up.
Contact the venue who might also have a relevant network.
Ask business partners to share your message.
Contact local media – print, radio and NGOs on social media.

Get started with promoting your event

Start your promotion activities as soon as possible regardless of the type of event you are organizing. If all general details are in place, there is no reason to not share the event. With each passing day, chances are that potential attendees or guests schedule other activities.

#1 Which message do you want people to walk away with? Convey it

#2 Spend time on creating professional material

#3 If necessary, use different media channels – especially online

#4 Remember to notify or advertise your event as soon as possible

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