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Interview with Alistair Barrie

Learn more about Alisair Barrie’s funny stand up keynotes. The comedian has the talent to entertain any kind of audience. Read on below.

What types of audiences typically book you?

Well, I’ve just got back from performing for the troops in Afghanistan where I played to Brits, Americans, Australians, Turks, Romanians, Macedonians and a few other nationalities I probably didn’t know about. Before that I was at the Comedy Cellar in New York on a bill that featured American stand-up legend Louis CK and next month I am hosting an international blogging conference at The Barbican in London, before flying off to do a televised Unicef benefit in Greece and then popping in to Budapest for a gig on the way home. So I think we can say there is no typical audience. It might be better to ask which audiences don’t book me, but unfortunately I never get to hear about them.

What types of performances do you offer?

I’m primarily a stand up, so hopefully amusing ones. There have been awards ceremonies where I’ve felt more like a cheerleader, but someone has to keep things moving along. On the whole, it depends on the event – if you want me to provide an after dinner comedy set, I’m more than happy, but I’m equally at home with presentations or trying to get the drunk people from accounts to sit back down so we can do the next award.

What is your favorite experience as a performer/speaker?

Too many to choose from really. The first time I got an encore at The Belfast Empire (a notoriously tough comedy club) stands out, especially when you’ve got an accent like mine. On the whole though, it’s probably the travel and the variety that I enjoy most. Coming from the Intercontinental in Singapore straight to the Ibis in Cardiff (guess which was the more glamorous,) or playing great comedy clubs in Australia, America or the Middle East. I will always love coming home to play The Comedy Store in London, but I’ve performed to International Oil executives in Stavanger while another load of International Oil Executives watched on a video feed in a different room. I did a month in Capetown’s biggest theatre, I’ve played on top of a mountain, with many of my heroes and on enormous West End stages. And every now and then you get to perform on the Croisette in Cannes and order whatever you want from room service. Although that doesn’t happen all that often.

How does humour factor into your talks?

As a comedian, I hope fairly highly. If it doesn’t, it’s probably the wrong booking, although, like most comedians, I’m sure you could find the odd audience member who doesn’t think humour factors in my talks at all.

What do clients typically say about you after an event?

I have no idea. They’re usually very complimentary to my face, but who knows what they say when you leave?


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