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Interview with Bruno Baumann

As a modern-day nomad Bruno Baumann has uncovered the far corners of the world and he shares his experiences with audiences during enticing keynotes. Read our interview with him below.

What makes your keynotes unique?

The fact, that they are based on unique experiences. So far nobody has ventured into the challenging zone of the desert, crossed limits and set new standards. Vision and motivation were important factors, but not enough in order to achieve my goals. Certain qualities and strategies similar to key factors facilitating success in modern global economy also became relevant. My keynotes provide transfers from my own experiences to the challenges of entrepreneurs and leadership.


How do you prepare for a keynote?

First of all I invest in my experiences that take me from known into unknown, from the
comfort zone into the challenging zone. The goal is to balance the triangle of safety, risk and innovation. In a keynote I communicate those experiences. I use the story telling mode to offer an emotional impulse for the audience. However, at every relevant point I provide transfers and examples that can be applied to solve challenges in a dynamic global economy.


What message do you hope audiences walk away with?

My keynotes offer several messages to the audience. For instance, it is essential to realize that we have so much more potential than we usually believe. Also, I explain how we can learn to access and make the best use of our resources. How to approach and see change as an opportunity and overcome fear of losing control. How to recognize the importance of teamwork, and learn how a team can reach the top level of performance. The audience will also learn about the importance of having a clear vision in order to achieve a defined goal. In addition, I will illustrate how to make use of our emotional wisdom to be able to recognize even weak signals from the market.


Do you have a favorite experience from your speaking career?

I remember a keynote speech I gave at the Volkswagen event in Dubai. The location was a big tent in the middle of a sand desert. This was a perfect setting for my impulse based on extreme desert experiences, and everybody in the audience could emotionally feel what it means to be exposed to such a challenging zone par excellence.


How do you connect with audiences and inspire them with your enticing stories from foreign regions of the world?

This is not a difficult task for me, for in my keynotes I rely on my personal experiences. I tune into these experiences and get emotionally connected. Being on this level it is easy to reach out and touch the audience. However, I make my listeners aware that these are not just breathtaking stories for entertainment. It is important for them to understand that learning the lessons and facing consequences bring value and relevance to their own daily challenges in their personal and professional life.


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