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Interview with Desmond Lachman

Desmond Lachman is an economist specializing in global macro-economy, multilateral lending agencies, the U.S, housing market, and global currency issues. In this interview, Desmond shares why you need to keep up to date on major global economic and political trends.

Why do you think that understanding economics is so important today?

We are living in a time of unusually large world economic change and that change is upending the global political scene. President Trump has been swept to power in the United States, populism is on the march in Europe, and the United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union. We are now in a world where economics is driving politics and where politics is driving economic policy. One would seem to ignore major global economic and political trends at one’s peril.


How do you think that the Trump Administration’s economic policies might affect the global economic outlook?

The Trump Administration’s economic policies represent a sharp break from those of his predecessor. They include a large unfunded tax cut, a move towards a greater degree of deregulation, and a move to reverse the trend towards globalization. These policies are almost certain to have an important bearing on US interest rates and on the US dollar, which is bound to have ripple effects across the global economy. This is especially the case considering that the US still remains the world’s largest economy.


Economics can at times be tough to understand. How do you ensure that your audience is keeping up?

One of my strengths as a speaker is that I can make seemingly difficult economic concepts understandable to a public audience without talking down to that audience. I have honed my skills as a communicator during a long career at the IMF, on Wall Street, at a think tank, and as a lecturer at prestigious US universities.


What do audiences typically gain from your keynote presentations?

Audiences typically gain a different and refreshing perspective on the global economic outlook from my keynote presentations. They also benefit from seeing connections and patterns that they might not have seen before. Not being constrained by having to present an institutional viewpoint, audiences often appreciate my candor and my offering them a different view from that of the mainstream.


What do you gain personally from being a public speaker?

I have always enjoyed public speaking and communicating with an audience on topics that are of great professional interest to me. I also like to get a sense of what others might be thinking and I especially enjoy the question and answer part of a presentation.

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