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Interview with Erica Crompton

Learn more about journalist and mental health activist Erica Camus in this interview. Read on below.

In your opinion, why is mental health awareness of great importance?

There needs to be greater awareness of mental health because there’s still so much stigma out there and that includes the medical professionals as well as in employment, education, family, and among friends. We need to work together to eradicate stigma and promote better understanding of conditions like schizophrenia and psychosis.


What makes your keynotes unique?

I can speak at length about mental health stigma from a 360 degree perspective. Having been in remission for five years I can also talk about what works in recovery plans and what doesn’t (in psychiatry, psychology and in day to day living). I can shed light on ways into work for staff and patients to inspire service users to find employment that suits their individual needs.


What message do you hope audiences walk away with?

I hope my talks are inspirational and provide the audience with a multitude of ideas on better care for patients, greater aspirations for people with schizophrenia and hope for full-recovery and a normal, happy, full-filled life.


Do you have a favorite experience from your speaking career?

Interviewing Elyn Saks for a Janssen conference. She’s so inspirational and it was an honor to have the chance to work with her.


How do your personal experiences with mental health issues factor into your presentations? 

My life with schizophrenia and managing my condition, and the stigma that often stems from it, form a personal story that inspires hope for full recovery and happiness.


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