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Interview with Dr. Hanan Selim

Dr. Hanan Selim is known as “pharmacist of the future”. She is one of the leading experts when it comes to habit transformation and high-performance. As the founder of three different companies she is a trusted consultant and adviser for leaders and managers in the MENA region. Read her interview and discover how she got started as a keynote speaker and when her interest for alternative health methods began.

When and how did your interest for alternative health methods begin?

I started researching and incorporating alternative methods when I realized  I needed to address an “inner conflict”. There was a time in my life that I  started losing everything I worked hard for and cared about. I was losing my marriage, finances, business and my health (due to a cancer scare). The alternative methods like mindfulness, hypnotherapy, energy healing and NLP helped tremendously with my inner conflict. It’s not until I combined these scientifically proven methods with my 25 years experience in healthcare that my results sky rocketed. I lost 30 kg in 10 months, saved my marriage, finances and my life.


What is the biggest transformation you have seen in a client?

I had a client who came to me looking to learn an alternative method in order to start healing in order to improve her autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s disease.It’s a very rare complication, but Hashimoto’s may increase the risk of certain autoimmune disorders even a specific kind known as thyroid lymphoma. Her doctor’s told her that there was no room for improvement. During our 1 hour session we figured out the inner conflict behind her condition. During the conversation she felt a jolt and shift in the exact area where her condition originated, the throat. She’s now working on resolving the inner conflict and her lab numbers are reflecting the change.


How did you start your speaking career?

I started my speaking career when it became my passion to bring my message of the preventative and habit transformation system to as many people as possible. My goal is to educate and inspire 9,999,999 by 2030. After discovering the “health and mind hacks” while being on my own journey and witnessed the dramatic change that I have seen in myself and many clients, I knew I needed to bring these simple yet powerful solutions to the masses.


How are your keynote presentations unique?

I consider myself a Transformational speaker. I not only educate, inspire and motivate but I also create breakthroughs for my listeners. I’m willing to go into that dark place with you and bring you back out by having you say or do the things you might not be willing to do alone. So, you can be the person you’ve always known to be. I’m willing to forfeit the need to be liked and to get a “hooray” and am more committed to your breakthroughs.


Who or what inspires you most?

The breakthroughs and AHA moments that I witness inspire me the most. I consider myself a leader and student. Inspiring speakers like Lisa Nichols and authors like John C. Maxwell inspire me to be their student while leading others. Leading others and leading up to their breakthroughs will always be my legacy. My legacy is the changes I make through people.


What do you gain personally from being a public speaker?

I gain living my legacy. I believe true success is fulfillment, happiness and reputation that I call Legacy. Speaking to bring my message in order to change people’s lives for the better. Whether better health, peak performance or removing their blocks to breakthroughs, these are my success in life.


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