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Interview with Ian Goldin

Ian Goldin was formerly with the World Bank. Today he delivers keynotes focused on economics, globalization, and the future. Learn more about him in this interview with A-Speakers.

What types of lessons and knowledge did you gain from your time as vice president of the world bank?

I gained deep insights into the key drivers of economic growth, was involved in the management of economic crises, and worked with leaders in finance around the world, including in all the key countries of Asia, Latin America and Asia in addressing key economic questions.


What are some of the most popular keynote topics you present?

Global Economic Prospects; Future Economic, Demographic and Technological Change; Lessons from the Financial Crisis; Globalization; Technological Change; Corporate Governance; Managing Complexity; Migration; Regional Prospects – Asia, Africa and Latin America.


What types of events have you spoken at in the past?

Davos, Microsoft CEO Summit, Clinton Global Initiative, UN General Assembly, Keynotes at over 200 corporate and industry events; Board and Management Strategy Retreats; Summer Festivals.


How much does globalization factor into your topics?

I see globalisation as a key driver of many opportunities and risks. It shapes politics, society and technology.


What types of projects are you currently working on?

I have recently submitted two books, The Butterfly Defect: Globalization and Systemic Risk (Princeton University Press) and Is the Planet Full? (Oxford University Press)

I am currently completing The New Renaissance: Understanding our opportunities and risks.

I have recently led a major Report which focuses on encouraging longer term thinking in business and aims to overcome the current gridlock in national and global politics in dealing with the key challenges facing humanity.

I am Director of the Oxford Martin School which is a faculty of over 350 leading researchers at the University of Oxford working on the frontiers of medicine, science, demographics, economics and other areas. This gives me a unique insight into developments that will shape the world and determine the future factors shaping business and individuals.


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