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Interview with Ivan Berry

Learn more about Ivan Berry and his career as a presenter and announcer in this interview, and find out what his most memorable moment is. Read on below.

What is your favourite part of working in the media industry?

I love meeting and interviewing new people. My whole life I have always been one for asking people questions no matter what they do. I love it. It’s a great feeling knowing that I get to do it as a job now.


Do you have a memorable moment from your career?

I have had so many moments since I started presenting that really stand out for me. My first day filming TV, getting the announcers job for my boyhood team Fulham FC, my first red carpet etc. But I think the one that sticks out most for me is right at the beginning of my career interviewing Jessie J. It was a blast and she responded so well. I had only been presenting for a matter of days at this point and the buzz was unreal. It was the moment when I thought ‘I can do this’.


What type of audiences benefit most from your talks?

My natural audience tends to be youth. I started out doing music interviews and most of the viewers were aged 8-24 years old. However since I started presenting sport events I have been performing to audiences of all ages and I seem to connect with everyone on some level. I think if your passionate and honest people naturally warm up to you.


How do you prepare before keynotes?

Research, research, research. Always be prepared – then you can relax and enjoy yourself.


How does your experience as a TV-presenter influence your keynotes? 

It teaches you how to totally relax and be yourself. Even if mistakes are made do not panic. Stay calm. One of my favourite presenters is Dermot O’leary. He is a pro and no matter what’s going on around him or any mistakes he makes he stays cool as ice and keeps smiling. That’s why people like him.


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