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Interview with Jeff Grout

In this interview with A-Speakers, popular keynote speaker Jeff Grout defines high performance in teams and talks about his keynotes. Read on below.

How do you work with clients to prepare keynotes?

I always want to tailor my presentation to meet the needs of the client I work closely with the client to determine the brief. Not only do I wish to understand the aims and objectives of the event but also the key business priorities and any relevant issues.

It is important to understand precisely the audience – their seniority, knowledge level and expectations. I also want to understand what terminology the client uses and their measures for success


What do you think makes you one of the most popular business speakers in Britain?

I try to make my presentations truly memorable and regularly get invited back by clients. Whilst I am well researched, I focus on practical issues rather than simply models and theories and bring the subject area alive by the use of vivid and relevant stories.


What are your most popular keynote topics?

My most popular sessions are in the areas of leadership and sporting success.


What types of results have clients seen after working with you?

I receive a lot of positive feedback from people who have adopted some of my suggested tools and techniques to improve business performance


How would you define a high performance team?

A high performance team is aligned around a clear objective with clarity of roles and responsibilities.

There is an atmosphere of mutual trust and team members are supportive of each other.


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