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Dr Kathryn Weston

Interview with Kathryn Weston

Leading motivational speaker Dr Kathryn Weston is an independent researcher and sought after authority in the areas of education, parenting and family life. In this interview, you can read about what inspires her and the 3 attributes she thinks are most important for parents to have.

What types of unique experiences have you had as a result of your profession?

Working in prisons as a criminologist all over the world, being invited to the House of Commons Select Committee to chair a panel on parental engagement, hosting awards shows in education, and co-producing my own radio show for parents in Herts for the last 8 years.


What are three attributes that you think are important for parents to have? 

1. The ability to trust their intuition

2. Being authoritative when it matters

3. Understanding their great role in boosting their child’s life chances


Going from studying law and criminology to specializing in parenting seems like a creative use of your knowledge. What led you to make this leap?

Having a baby and working alongside teachers for the first time as an education researcher – discovering that is there is a world of knowledge out there that parents don’t know about and yet could benefit from!


Who or what inspires you most? 
Children – I care deeply about their futures and their life chances – I am committed to empowering parents so that children can truly thrive.


How are your keynote presentations unique? 
I bring heart, passion, and the evidence-base. I share insights from my own parenting that the audience always find really inspirational and impactful. I deliver tips that *really* work.


What is your favourite thing about being a speaker? 
Connecting with my audience and knowing that they are being inspired by my talk and will return home and put my tips into practice.


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