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Interview with Larry Hochman

In this interview, speaker and loyalty expert Larry Hochman talks about the important elements of service and loyalty he learnt at British Airways. Read on below.

What sort of experience and knowledge did you gain from your time at  British Airways?

Prior to beginning my speaking career 16 years ago I was a Director at British Airways and the loyalty management company Air Miles in both New York and London.  My roles included Director of Customer Service and separately Director of People and Culture (the first person in Europe to have this title), the later role becoming a benchmark for re-inventing HR departments all over the world.  I also pioneered corporate mentoring in Europe and have been the personal mentor to many Chief Executives.  I am originally from America, but have lived in Europe for the past 22 years, and currently reside in both London and Venice.


What types of clients have you worked with and helped?

In regard to some of my clients, I have now done 522 speeches in 66 countries.  A partial list of some of my global clients can be found on my web-site at www.larryhochman.com.  Also on my web-site are the most popular keynote subjects so far this year of the 25 speeches I have already done.


What types of issues are most organisations struggling with?

The key issue that all companies face today is how to put the customer at the heart of everything you say, do, promise and deliver in an era when the ‘Customer Experience’ controls your destiny.  Two questions matter:  Do customers trust you and will they recommend you?  If you do not know the answers to those questions, you do not know enough.


Can you give a few tips that would help establish customer loyalty?

Finally, customer loyalty and building customer relationships to last a lifetime should be the galvanising focus for every function in every commercial enterprise everywhere in the world today.  Customers are now in control forever, and only transformational leaders who understand this completely and can engineer the kind of change to have this embraced as the key driving force.  This can and will guarantee future success for their people and their organisation.


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