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Interview with Marc Griffiths

We interview inspirational ventriloquist, MARC GRIFFITHS and his tweenage puppet, KEVIN.Marc is a speaker, author and expert on happiness and living with purpose. Kevin is one of his funny sidekicks!


What do you gain personally from being a public speaker?

Marc: That it’s a privilege! When I get to the end of my life the greatest thing anyone could say about me is that, ‘Marc changed my life!’ Stepping out in front of new audiences is also personally challenging and really exciting!

Kevin: I like the TV in the hotel room!


How do you tackle life’s obstacles?

Marc: I see obstacles as giants. The reward is always on the other side of your giant. Giants keep others away from the reward. When seen this way, obstacles move from being problems to being wonderful opportunities!

Kevin: I sleep and hope they go away!


Which is harder: motivating yourself or motivating others?

Marc: Motivating myself. Motivate means ‘to move’. No-one wants to be told what to do. But if  they see me moving myself then I hope that that will be inspirational to them, so they can think, ‘If he can do it then so can I!’

Kevin: I motivate Marc!


What got you started on ventriloquism?

Kevin: Aliens came and beamed him up when he was bored at school. They taught him the ancient art of ventriloquism and then dropped him back to earth several years later. He was a bit freaked out by it all and thought he better not let them down after they’d been to all that effort, so he started talking to himself!

Marc: That’s maybe slightly exaggerated!


Who or what inspires you most?

Kevin: Myself. I am awesome!

Marc: My dad. He’s the most humble person I’ve ever met. He once said, ‘People can never get enough encouragement!’ So true. I try and live by that and encourage people whenever I can, whether that’s in a talk or when talking to the checkout lady!


Do you have a favorite experience from your speaking career?

Marc: Yes! The really big moments, like when I stepped on Britain’s Got Talent in front of Simon Cowell. It doesn’t matter how it goes, each big moment is enlarging. I also like hearing what effect I had. After one talk a student came up to me and said, ‘I don’t remember you speaking, but I remember your orange haired puppet called Kevin, who made me laugh when I was 10 and it gave me hope when my parents were divorcing!’

Kevin: I am awesome!


Follow Marc & Kevin at:

twitter: @mventriloquist

Youtube: getoutyourbox1

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