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Interview with Marc Koska

Learn more about Marc Koska’s keynotes, tips for success and his interesting experiences. Read his interview with A-Speakers below.

In your words, what defines a social entrepreneur in the 21st century?

Perhaps a  social entrepreneur  could be described as someone who puts his “clients” first – always, but not because it is best for business – but because it is best for them.


What is the most important message of your keynote speeches?

Probably that a big worthy journey might take a lot longer than you had hoped. But even if it does it will be worth it if the result is grand and honest!


Can you provide 3 tips to successfully pursue a challenging project, as you did with your iconic K-1 syringe?

1. Observe what could change for the better.

2. Understand the problem fully and keep understanding it daily. (We often put way to much faith in Solutions – when they aren’t yet perfect!)

3. Keep testing the solution and improve it – in depth but also in width. This means keep at it until you succeed.


What is the most unique experience you have had as a result of your job?

In the developing world – faced with constant hardships – against almost total lack of opportunities – I have been lucky enough to see kindness and humanity where I would not expect it from amazing people.


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