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Paul Wearmouth

Interview with Paul Wearmouth

Paul Wearmouth is passionate about improving customer service and experience. He achieves this by educating and empowering people about how they can generate more loyalty and customers – and why customer service is so important. Learn more about his perspective on the ideal customer experience and more in this interview.

What got you interested in customer service?

Everyone is a customer of someone, and I noticed very quickly how much stronger the relationships and as a result the sales were with companies who engaged their customers with a positive and passionate service. This, combined with a personal desire to be appreciated by a business that I am spending money with, led the way to me developing some winning strategies to deliver Customer Service and a passion to deliver it well.


What kinds of clients have you worked with in the past?

Having worked for a long time in the Retail industry, I had a unique opportunity to do business with everyone from a CEO to a student in most industries imaginable. It gave me the ability to talk to many different people and learn the different styles that they communicated in and bought in. This was a transferable skill which allowed me to work with many different industries to help develop their service and experience processes. From medical professionals such as Opticians and Dentists through to direct sales companies and Banking and Finance, they all share one key similarity, the Customer should be the key focus.


How would you describe an ideal customer service experience?

Customers articulate experience in a few different ways. But essentially it needs to be welcoming, positive and genuine. I always share that you have just 3 seconds to provide a positive and sales oriented customer experience based on what they will see, hear and feel. If you were to look at your business as a theatre production, customer service would be your star performer and the entire show would be the experience that the customer took away with them. So it needs to be consistent throughout your business and from everyone who works there.


What do you gain personally from being a public speaker?

A clear sense of being able to share a message that will help individuals and businesses alike become more successful in a rapidly changing business world.


What would you recommend as 3 habits for achieving success?


  • Mind set – “Believe and you achieve, doubt…and you’re out”
  • Vision – You have to see where you are going but you have to live and work in the moment because what you get tomorrow is a result of what you do today
  • Persistence – The most successful people will tell you that they have got it wrong more times than they have ever got it right. Keep going and keep evolving things as you only fail when you give up.


You’ve worked in many different industries, is there any specific industry you find particularly interesting?

I love to work with all industries who have live interactions with customers. Regardless of the medium that they use to do so. But the industries I do love to work with are those who change the language a little. For example, if you work with a business you deal with “Customers” or “Clients” whereas a medical professional will use the term “Patients”. They all have personal needs, they still pay the bills but the language changes from “Service” to “Care” and with it a new set of criteria and challenges.

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