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Sean McPheat

Interview with Sean McPheat

In this interview you learn more about some of the biggest mistakes made by sales people and how keynote speaker, Sean McPheat helps you avoid them. Read on below.

What are some of the biggest mistakes made by sales people?

One of the biggest mistakes sales people make it not asking enough questions. Instead they talk far too much instead of unearthing the needs, the wants and the requirements from their prospective clients and then presenting their solution in a way that matches their needs, wants and requirements. I still see a lot of sales people ”show up and throw up” over their prospects.  What I mean by this is that they turn up and just talk and talk and talk about the features and benefits of their products and services hoping to wear them down into saying a yes! Instead they should be using consultative selling techniques to have a two way conversation based around customer needs and how they buy.

Another mistake is that they are not proactive enough. Some sales people are reactive instead of making things happen. This turns them into order takers. Instead they need to ”get out there” and make things happen rather than wait to see if a lead falls on their lap.


How do your programmes and keynotes benefit audienes?

What I do is very practical. I motivate audiences by giving them techniques and strategies that they can use in the real world AND immediately. Too many keynotes provide a good ”ra ra” for the audience, sure they go back to work pumped up. But pumped up with what? If you go back to work all motivated but are doing the wrong things then there will be no sales improvement!

My keynotes are focused on getting audiences to think about what they are currently doing, how they could do it differently and what best practice is in the industry.

It’s a mixture of fun, motivation but above all helpful techiques and advice to use at work.


How do you work with clients to prepare your keynotes?

I will send you a questionnaire about what you want to achieve for the keynote. I want to make sure that the keynote I deliver is relevant and focused on what you do and what you want to achieve. After I have received this we will talk/meet to discuss it further so I absolutely nail the content and delivery style.


How do you typically engage the audience?

I don’t do ”chalk and talk” My audiences are involved from the moment I come on stage. I get them to do activities, exercises and all sorts of weird and wonderful things to keep them engaged with energy levels high.


What types of results do clients experience after your programmes & keynotes?

After a keynote the acid test question for me is:

”Can you use what I covered in the keynote to improve your sales?”

A keynote in front of 1,000 people for 45 minutes is different than an intimate 1 day session with 12 people. If I have energised and motivated your people thats great. I want to be measured on the quality of the techniques I have provided and for your people to say ”wow, that was awesome and very useful for what I do”


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