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Interview with Tessa Todd Morgan

Tessa Todd Morgan is an expert in Mindfulness, a certified yoga instructor, a personal growth coach and accredited trainer in Emotional Intelligence. In her interview with A-Speakers, Tessa explains the importance of mindfulness in modern life and some common misconceptions of yoga.

What types of unique experiences have you had as a result of your profession?

I’ve been in this industry since 2003 and prior to becoming a speaker I booked speakers and celebrities to speak at events. I had some fun experiences from dinner with Mick Fleetwood to giving Dr. Oz a ride to his hotel after an event once. But, most importantly, being in this industry has taught me what people need having the opportunity to sit in audiences so many times in the past prior to starting speaking myself.

With the stresses of modern life becoming more apparent, how important is Mindfulness in a daily routine?

It is crucial. Especially when it comes to creativity and productivity. We are so distracted with all the things coming at us all day long it’s a wonder we get anything done. It’s also amazing that we are still able to communicate with one another. If we are not being mindful, our lives are just passing by without meaning and our relationships can suffer greatly when we are not fully present with one another.


Why do clients typically hire you to speak?

When they are looking for stress relief, mindfulness or emotional intelligence mostly. I also have some groups that are starting to realize how important one’s own personal growth plays into the workplace and happy employees make good workers. So, I’ve got people that enjoy bringing in my personal development topic as well and I love having the opportunity to speak on that topic!


Is there a misconception about Yoga that you commonly encounter?

That it’s not for everyone. People are afraid the are not flexible enough to do yoga, young enough, fit enough or that they can’t sit still long enough. Isn’t that the reason to do it in the first place!?! Ha! ANYONE can do yoga! I’ve taught anyone from 5 years of age to 87, a woman with a rod in her spine, another with so many injuries and previous surgeries we have to modify most of the poses and a woman with ALS that is paralyzed in her feet, so we do it on her knees. ANYONE can do yoga, even if it was just the breathing part of it!


Do you have a favorite experience from your speaking career?

I had the privilege of getting to speak to a group of people from Tobii Dynavox that help people with ALS communicate using their devices. It was so humbling to try to help the people that help so many others and also get to spend time with such incredible people.


What 3 things would you recommend to do to set yourself on a more stress free path?

1) BREATHE more consciously and meditation works wonders being the #1 thing to relieve anxiety 2) focus on one thing at a time with most important tasks being first, set aside all of the distractions 3) practice being mindful in as many things as you can throughout the day – when eating, chew slowly and taste food – when hanging with friends and family, be present and put away the worries about what can wait till the next time you sit down to work – when working, focus on work and set the personal things aside until you are finished.


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