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Interview with Tracey C. Jones

Tracey Jones pushes her audiences to positive change through witty and down to earth talks. In this interview Tracey shares some of what she has learned in her career (which has spanned several fields), she tells us what inspires her, and what kind of a speaker she is.

You have worked in vastly different fields, so what are some of the things you learned at the different positions you’ve had throughout your career?

That people are people and that your interpersonal skills are the greatest pathway to connecting and collaborating on new ways of thinking. I have worked in different industries, in different countries, with different products and services. The common thread is still the universal truths that bind us together as a collective humanity and bring a tremendous richness and productivity to the workplace. I also try to dial in on the topics and passions that resonate most with the people who will be in the audience. That way, we can rally together around issues that matter to them and positively direct our shared energy towards the most preferred future.


How do you prepare for speaking engagements?

I research the company or organization’s point of view. I want to know the big “why” that drives them. I’ll also speak with key personnel and decision makers about a particular theme, opportunity, or challenge they are in the midst of so I can craft my comments to be of most use during our time together. Often times leaders will either have a company survey they’d like me to integrate or I’ll work with them to draw some insights into what’s most important to the attendees. It makes our learning time together much more effective.



Why do clients typically hire you to speak?

They hire me to speak because I will bring a blend of research, real world experience, pragmatism and humor to the stage. I combine the best of vintage wisdom from the great mind of leadership development with the most current, trending leadership theories and applications of today. I find developmental opportunities everywhere and help others shift their action logic so they can too. I also blend in learning tasks so each attendee can put the content to use immediately in their personal and professional lives.


Who or what inspires you most?

Learning new things inspires me. Meeting new people and learning about their experiences inspires me. Sharing with others in a way that creates a more tremendous world inspires me. I love seeing people moved to action by what they hear and watching them raise the bar on life. People who meet a challenge and find the adaptive capacity to let it make them a stronger version of themselves also totally inspires me.


Which charitable causes has The Tremendous Trust donated to?

The Tremendous Trust is funding the Kosovo Leadership Academy in Mitrovica which is a K-12 school dedicated to teaching and growing future leaders. We also support scholarships at several local colleges including Central Penn College, Lancaster Bible College, and Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC) Lebanon. The Tremendous Trust also supports several local homeless and substance recovery centers: Bethesda Mission, Water Street Mission, Life Path Mission, and Paxton Ministries. The Trust also supports Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Capital Region, several local K-12 schools and three State Correctional Institution Book Clubs.


What types of unique experiences have you had as a result of your profession?

Having the opportunity to continually interact with so many different people from so many different industries and walks of life keeps my learning curve strong. It’s also a tremendous way for me to apply everything I am learning in my leadership studies. I work with everyone from C-Suite executives to entry-level recruits to entrepreneurs and everyone in-between. It’s fascinating to see how each organization crafts its own leadership persona and cultural identity.


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