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Interview with Al Costa

Read more about Al Costa and learn more about his views on biofuels and their importance in the future.

Why are biofuels of great importance?

Because they are the only ones capable of producing materials. That being said, solar, wind, waves etc. can produce electricity, but who will produce plastic, paints, lubricants, chemicals, etc. that are the basis of our production methods? Only biofuels. In fact, it will be biofuels, which will build those very same wind, solar, etc. devices that many think can be compared to biofuels.


What type of audiences benefit most from your keynotes?

I have noticed that the lack of understanding about biofuels seems to reach every segment of society: even in its own market I have seen questions and affirmations, which were rather puzzling. However, given the power they have, I believe politicians and general leaders are the ones who seem to benefit more from the views and facts they are offered in my keynotes.


How can you help organizations understand the new technologies involved in the biofuel industry?

I can make them understand that the benefits from biofuels reach much farther than just having something to burn in your engine. For example, recently a large biofuels company announced it was selling tiny oil balls, which ease the curve involved in horizontal drilling of oil. That shows biofuels and oil industry are not enemies but can even be partners and that the benefits from biofuels reach areas many would not even dream of. And that all means savings opportunities (such as drills in the example), or a progress in sales of new products.


How do audiences generally describe your talks?

Extremely puzzling. They always come to me at the end with words such as “you opened up my eyes”, “I never imagined biofuels were that important” etc., which is rather humbling. I believe it may be because my talks offer angles and facts, which are unheard of in this market. I start with the very basis of the oil industry and its history and move all the way to the present and what the future holds. That explains to them how we reached were we are and why biofuels can change that.


Do you have a favourite experience from your speaking career?

Once a gentleman asked what is bioethanol. I asked him if he just had a beer at the reception, to which he said yes. I then answered, “Well, you just drank bioethanol!” to which the audience laughed and later told me that they had never actually thought it that way: that “bioethanol” is just a fancy name for “alcohol”. In fact, the biofuels market is easier to understand than many want to make it, and I try to make sure people leave with the impression that they are not in front of rocket science, but with proven and known technologies which can indeed change the status quo.


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