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Interview with Bennett Arron

Bennett Arron talks about his comedian acts and identity theft in this interview with A-Speakers. Read more below.

How has identity theft changed your life?

At the time it changed my life completely, and to an extent it still has repercussions (but you’ll have to hear me speak to know all the facts!) The police refer to Identity Theft as a ‘victimless crime’. They’re wrong. Just because nothing tangible has been taken  – ie a laptop/DVD player etc – doesn’t mean there’s no victim. A laptop can be replaced, having a zero credit rating and not being able to open bank accounts, get a mortgage etc is a more difficult problem to resolve. It took me almost 2 years!


What types of clients typically book you?

I’m either booked as a comedian/awards host etc or as a keynote or after dinner speaker on the subject of Identity Theft. I have performed for Gartner (where I am still to this day the highest-rated speaker they’ve ever had), McAfee, Santander, Experian, Thatchers… I have also performed at 12 separate events for Royal Mail and I was the opening keynote speaker at Auscert in Australia in front of 2000 delegates.


Why is it important that people learn more about fraud & identity theft and how it works?

If people learn more about it then they will not only know how to avoid it more but also how to deal with it should it ever happen to them.


Can you give some advice to those who have experienced identity theft?

Have regular Credit Reports or ideally sign with one of the Credit Reference Agencies which let you know if anything untoward is happening on your accounts.


How do you work with clients to prepare your keynotes?

I’m usually booked by clients who have seen me or by recommendations and they know that I have a talk which can be between 30 and 40 minutes and which can include a Powerpoint Presentation and video clips for the (BAFTA shortlisted) documentary I made. They know that the talk will be funny as well as interesting/entertaining/emotional so they just leave me to it.


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