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Interview with Bernhard Wolff

Bernhard Wolff is a professional speaker, entertainer and author. His creative approach to the world through backwards talking gives clients the opportunity to change the perspective on almost everything. The Berlin-based speaker is the only German Speaker who made it onto the cover of the leading industry publication “Speaker Magazine”. Read the interview with Bernhard Wolff below.

Probably, you often have to tell the story about how you found out about your talent of backwards talking when you were a child. What we would like to know is, if you actually still have to practise and how backwards talking is different from German to English?


Oh yes, I have to practise. But it’s more about doing the movements compared to working on the pronounciation. That’s because I have a video system on stage and we show all the scenes on the screen in reverse. Backwards English needed another 2 – 3 years of work to be fluent because we have many other sounds in English.


One of your golden rules is « Rediscover your childhood creativity «. How do you think it is possible for someone like a senior manager to leave longstanding set rules behind and find unburdened creativity?


You have to allow him or her to leave his business context and start to play. Define a timeslot, provide tools and set a challenging task. For example: ”You have 30 minutes to create a blockbuster poster for a Hollywood movie about your strategy! What is the title? What does the key visual look like?”


How do you personally think you can contribute most to a company’s success in innovation, with a big conference setting or with a smaller group and a more intimate environment?


In a big conference setting! My contribution is to open people´s minds and to empower their creativity. I am a stage professional – and so I prefer stage settings. Most of the conferences I do have 200 – 1000 participants.


Can you provide us with tips on how also private life could profit from more creativity and breaking the ice in one’s brain?


Creativity is everywhere: ideas for a birthday present, weekend adventures, cooking, improvising in everyday communication. If you work on your innovator´s mindset, you will benefit in all areas of life.


What is the most unique experience you have had as a result of your speaking career?


Presenting on the conference of the National Speakers Association in Washington 2015 for 2000 experts from the conference industry was outstanding. And they put me on the cover of their Speaker Magazine. Wow – I really was blown away!


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