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Interview with Birgitte Rode

Birgitte Rode discusses her favorite moments and memories as a speaker as well as the importance of creative space. Learn more below.

How are your keynote presentations unique?

The presentation I usually use is very entertaining. It consists of a large number of video, movie, sound design and music messages to illustrate pros and cons using sound branding.

What types of unique experiences have you had as a result of your profession?

In my career I have had many extraordinary experiences. First of all I never expected to release a album with my own compositions. Touring the U.S., UK, Norway, Germany and getting the opportunity to become a live producer in the broad casting field, which has lead me to record and broadcast world-famous danish musicians and composers, such as BBKing, Willie Nielsson, Run Rig, Misty In Roots, Sort Sol, The Sandmen and Soulshock among others.

In 2003 I received an invitation from Martin Lindstrom to contribute to his book BRANDsense and create the corporate sound identity for the Martin Lindstrom brand, his symposia, a global online video marketing strategi with DVD’s and websites. This became a break through for sound branding and our approach to the strategic use of sound and music in branding and sensory marketing. Today we are proud to be among the pioneers in this industry.

Who or what inspires you most?

My inspiration comes from studying the recent development within advertisement, branding, future trends, music, and consumer behaviour. Following and joining the international networks (((ABA))) and reading litterature on branding, marketing and the latest trends on sensory integration and multi sensorial branding. Especially Daniel M Jackson and his book Sonic Branding, published in 2003. Peter Philippe Weiss a great thinker, composer, sound designer and sonic artist. The most amazing sound designer, composer and musician, Walter Werzova the designer of the Intel ‘Bong’ the most valuable signature sound created in 1994.

Can you give three tips to individuals struggling with creativity?

When lacking ideas, stop thinking and do something else for a while. Remember to write down your ideas or the problems you need to solve, the mind will unconsciously start to build ideas. Don’t force your mind.

Why should clients use you for their next event?

If you need to deepen your insight and develop your terminologi and be able to discuss sound branding on a professional level then I can help provide you with a set of skills that uplift your internal discussions from”I like” or “I don’t like” into a serious talk concerning target group behaviour and detailed discussions on the development, maintenance ,and implementation of a corporate sound identity.

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