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Interview with Bob Urichuck

Bob Urichuck in an interview about his presentations, teamwork and those that inspire him. Read more below.

What is the message you hope people take away from your presentations?

Sales is the lifeline to your bottom line.  It is important to appreciate that without buyers, there are no sales. Without sales there is no revenue.  Without revenue, organizations would not exist and no one would have a job.  The world revolves around sales.  Buyers are everywhere. What are you doing to help them buy?

Most organizations today are aware that the economy has brought on a shift from selling during the boom times to attracting, engaging and empowering the new economy of buyers to buy. One absolute fact is the traditional and consultative sales methods no longer work, and the solution is to be “Buyer Focused”


How do you prepare for speaking engagements?

It starts with a management discussion on participant profile, what the speaking or training objectives are, the outcomes or changes in attitude, behavior or competencies, the challenges,  theme,  time durations,  buy-in process,  implementation, follow-up and measurements.

A keynote is then customized accordingly based on time allocation, management objectives, themes, etc.

For ongoing training programs, a confidential participant needs analysis is conducted and summarized.  Then a program is customized according to management objective and participant needs, industry and target market, while based on time allocations, pre-work, home work, assignments, etc.

Buy-in to ongoing training is conducted by doing a keynote to the participants and letting them make the decision to proceed or not, verses management telling them to participate.  In this case the participants buy-in and take ownership of the program from the outset.

Supporting management programs are also developed, as it is most important for management to walk the talk and demonstrate all the new appropriate attitudes, behaviors and competencies.

Both speaking and training events are high energy and highly interactive using advanced self-discovery adult learning techniques, humor, rewards, re-enforcement tools and follow up free e-mail coaching.


Who or what inspires you?

I was originally inspired at age 18 by the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  From there the work of Og Mandina – The Greatest Salesman in the World and The Greatest Miracle in the World lead me down the path of self-discipline.

Today, I am inspired by our youth and young entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs and in turn became a certified social entrepreneur supporting children and education to those in need.


How would you define an effective team?

An effective team is where there is no “one” leader, but all take turns leading and are equals.   Together they develop goals and strategies while using each other’s strengths.  Transparency and communications are wide open.  They create a fun, happy and interactive family while recognizing and building self-esteem in each other.


How are your keynote presentations unique?

My keynotes are always customized based on my areas of expertise, client objectives, participant profile, theme, time allocation, etc.  I capture attention at the outset, and immediately get participants involved.  I engage participants with something of personal value, in a very passionate and interactive way, while using personal stories, humor and self-discovery adult learning techniques to keep them involved and interested.  The keynote can become an emotional roller coaster ride, and always ends with a summary and a call to action.

Having spoken in over 40 countries to audiences up to 10,000 participants with a variety of cultures, I put myself in the participants shoes and put them first, while being down-to–earth and relating to them and their needs.


What types of audiences benefit from your sales keynotes?

Corporate and commission based Sales professionals, Sales Management, Entrepreneurs, Business owners, Leaders, Non-selling Professionals – Consultants, Lawyers, Dentists, etc. Everyone needs to master sales in order to survive.


How does humor factor into your presentations?

A key component to learning is being relaxed and having fun.  Humor is the best way to bring down the barriers, get relaxed and have fun.  Humor is a key component in our keynotes and training programs, but it is related more to learning than to entertainment, as we are content heavy and are serious about learning take-aways.


How do you find material for your keynote presentations?

With over 50 years of  business and sales experience, 15 years as an international professional speaker and certified master trainer, I have many experiences and resources available to me to draw from.  However, most of my content will come out of one, or both, of my two books – Up Your Bottom Line, where I feature the “Buyer Focused” Velocity Selling System, or Disciplined For Life – You Are the Author of your Future.  Both are best sellers with non-traditional methods.


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