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Interview with Brock Tully

Brock Tully is the founder of numerous projects that aim to spread kindness all around the world. The first person to bicycle around North America, he inspires with his own story, and in this inspiring interview, he shares some of his best tips for living a kind and happy life in our fast-paced world.

What do you gain personally from being a public speaker?


My belief is that we are truly happy when we are living our purpose and I’m very fortunate and extremely grateful that I got in touch with my purpose many years ago. I also believe we are here to be of service. That happiness comes when we think and care about others! Through my 3 long bicycle trips around North America, I saw that what is hurting so many people is a lack of community and a fear of getting involved in making a positive difference. Many people are feeling isolated, alone, and as a result of not getting involved, too many people are dealing with depression and loneliness. For many years I spoke at different conferences, organizations, events, etc. and I never had negative feedback as I shared my story and what I’ve learned through growing back in touch with my heart – by not needing to be right, but by respecting how others feel and by just sharing from my heart. The response to my ‘keynotes’ overwhelmed me with joy and excitement as I saw people respond in such a positive way and I saw that in our short time together, people can change as deep down we all want, I believe, to have hope that things can get better and it’s simply, often, just by changing our attitude and by seeing that kindness begins with being kind to ourselves. For me, seeing people come alive and feeling excited and full of hope is what I gain from being a speaker. I’ve always said, I would rather speak to 10,000 people for $1, than 1 person for $10,000. I then let my ‘speaking’ go as I wanted to organize huge community events – concerts and stories with a positive message! They were hugely successful, but I missed ‘speaking’ and this brings me the greatest joy and fulfillment. I’ve put together a multi-media presentation that goes along with my speaking, and I have definitely found ‘my calling’!


How did the idea arise to spread kindness by bicycling around North America?


The idea actually happened to me. I was very depressed and suicidal when I was at University and I was drinking a lot and doing drugs, and no one knew how unhappy I was. I jumped on my 10-speed bicycle before people were cross country biking and I just rode and rode, and it ended up much longer than I thought – through 33 States of the U.S. and all of Mexico – and what I thought was that a 10,000 mile journey was really a 12 inch one from my head back to my heart. I learned soooooo much about myself and people and I saw that deep down, in our essence, we all want to be kind – to love and be loved, but when we lose touch with our heart (I believe we all do to different degrees) then we start to want to put others down to build ourselves up, and we forget that happiness comes from caring about others and thinking ‘what is the best for the higher good of all’! Then I co-founded the Kindness Foundation of Canada and organized huge events around promoting the message of kindness. I’ve since completed 2 more looooong bicycle trips (another almost 20,000 miles) and through the media and presentations I spread the message, in a gentle, fun, yet powerful way, that I believe so many people are wanting and needing to hear.


Who or what inspires you most?


Definitely being connected to my own heart first, and when I feel that connection I just naturally feel connected to others. This is what brings me the greatest joy and inspiration. I feel most inspired when I touch people and empower them to listen to their own heart. I’m not inspired by teaching people as I don’t want them to look up to me, but to look into that place within themselves that brings that excitement of living fully. Someone said to me after I spoke that they were really touched by my quotes and that I was so wise, and I said, “If they touched you, then, in essence, you wrote them too as they touched that place in you.” I always thought Gandhi (one of my inspirations) was so wise, but then I realized he was only saying what I felt deep down and this showed me that I am wise too. That is a very empowering realization.


Do you have a favourite experience from your long-distance bicycle trips?


Yes, just getting off that bicycle and taking care of my rear end – I just learned so, so much about myself from all the people I met and by reconnecting with my own heart, and no longer wanting to ‘take my life’ but wanting ‘to give with my life’ was, by far, my favourite experience. This is why I’m so anxious to get out ‘speaking’ more as I know that so many people are hurting, and that the ones who aren’t hurting so much always appreciate a positive message to reaffirm how they feel.


What are your best tips for staying kind and happy in our fast-paced world?


What I believe is really hurting people in our techy world is having no quiet, peaceful time in nature; communicating real heart-felt feelings with one another; eating healthy and exercising – not to look good, but to feel good (and then we’ll look good and we’ll enjoy the journey more); to take quiet alone time to think about who we are, our purpose, and to set healthy, purposeful goals; and to always think, “How can i volunteer, or be of service to others.” And my best tip is to have me come and be your ‘speaker’ for your organization! 🙂


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