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Interview with Bruce King

In his interview with A-Speakers, Bruce King gave us details on his best experiences as a public speaker and the importance of referrals. Read more below.

What is the message you hope people take away from your presentations?

That the delegates can achieve anything in their business and personal lives they could ever possibly want – and a great deal more.


Do you have a favorite experience from your speaking career?

Oh yes, all the time – the emails I regularly get from people who have achieved great things as a results of their involvement with me.


How do you prepare for speaking engagements?

In an ideal world, speak to the company directors and some of their employees, and find out precisely what the purpose of their conference is and what the employees would like to achieve and tailor my talk to help them achieve those aims.


What do you consider a successful speaking engagement?

What the client wanted me to achieve for them that they could not necessarily do themselves.

When the client achieves the aims of their conference.


Do you have any tips to increase sales during a time of economic crisis?

Crisis – what crisis? Don’t buy into the propaganda!  There are so many companies who are exploiting opportunities and creating new ones. Improving their skills, learning better or new ways to do things and exploiting new markets. This is a great time to become No. 1 whilst everyone else is sitting around complaining about the state of their economy.


How are your keynote presentations unique?

Because I present them.


How much does humor factor into your keynotes and other speaking engagements?

I’m not hired to make people laugh although they will certainly have the occasional chuckle. I’m hired to inspire, motivate and deliver content that can make a difference – long after my presentation.


How are referrals important for businesses?

Very. That’s where 98.26% of my business comes from.


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