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Interview with Carl Rosier-Jones

In this fascinating interview with A-Speakers, stress relief expert Carl Rosier-Jones shares his best tips on how to prevent and manage stress using his effective Caveman Principles. Read more below.

How do audiences gain from your keynote presentations?


In modern day life, everyone gets stressed, everyone gets upset with each other and everyone hates change, this is why we all need the Caveman Principles. Carl delivers his keynote talk as The Caveman Speaker. He challenges common misconceptions on stress, uses audience participation and helps people understand and then battle their stress Mammoths. His Caveman approach to Change is insightful and engaging, delivering the message that Mammoths needs to be lead and not pushed. He gives a light hearted presentation on very serious subjects, delivering his strong messages in the caveman style, straight to those that need to hear it.


Who or what inspires you most?


Carl is inspired most by those that have had to face adversity in their life or those who have a hidden life. He is in awe of people like Bruce Lee, where through his life he had to fight (figuratively and literally) others who had agendas to keep him away from his dreams. His sheer tenacity and determination, in so many parts of his professional and personal life, has given Carl inspiration to do what others have said could not be done. Others such as Ayrton Senna was at the top of his game on the track, but his life story back home were poles apart from his track persona. He cared for what he believed in, he  looked after his community but none of this was told until long after his death. He was the bad boy of the racing world but heralded as a local hero back home, giving away his earnings to support his community, a true inspiration to those who look for a role model that knows the difference between work and what life really means.


Why should clients use you for their next event?


Carl is not the average Keynote speaker. His energy and powerful delivery, in front of audiences, brings home the Caveman message right to the individual in the crowd. People struggle when they are stressed, they do not perform to the best of their abilities and they do not often ask for help. We all need a little help, even when we do not think we need it. Carl offers something totally unique and he loves to speak to his audiences, on and off stage. His Book, The Caveman Principles supports his keynote message and he enjoys speaking to individuals about their own personal experiences.


In short, what is the purpose of your Caveman Principles?


The Caveman Principles are a simple explanation to why we get stressed, why we push our buttons all the time and what we can do about it. They explain why we have poor communication and interactions with others and why we hate Change. The purpose is to know why individuals get stressed and how they can avoid stress or if needed how to prepare for it.  How previous stress issues can be addressed and how we can all move on from difficult experiences. The Principles offers help with communication using The CTS, (The Caveman Tribal Sorter) and teaches people how to interact and understand others. It stops stress from developing through us managing our Tribe better. The Principles also offers simple explanations on how we can manage Change, how we need to build up to change and put processes in place before we force our Pet Mammoth down a new path.


What are your three best tips for preventing stress in our modern, fast-paced time?


If anyone wants to reduce stress, they need to strip back to the basics, forget all the ‘modern day solutions’ to an age old problem. Go back to Caveman times, truly understand the reason why people get stressed and rework modern, common day misconceptions. The 3 rules to tackling Stress are 1) Buy The Caveman Principles Book. 2) Make an appointment to speak to the Caveman Speaker 3) Book The Caveman Speaker to speak at you next event.


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