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Interview with Carlos Piera Serra

Carlos Piera Serra discusses his thoughts on happiness and his memories as well as the importance of laughter and life lessons. Learn more below.

How do you prepare for speaking engagements?

  •  I envision in one sentence the idea or concept that i want to share or get across.
  •  I create a mind map with the main elements of the keynote (happy to develop this a bit further)
  •  I look for words/sentences/images that express the idea and main elements
  •  I put all this together in a powerpoint presentation with specific notes on how to explain each slide (words, questions, jokes, etc.)
  •  I rehears until i can do it in my sleep

What do you gain personally from being a public speaker?

I connect with my purpose seeing the impact I create. It is my passion…I have so much fun speaking. I meet amazing people and people share incredible stories with me.

Who or what inspires you most?

Most of the people around me inspire me in their own way 😉 Richard Branson or Bob Marley are two people that inspire me amazingly for who they are and what they stand for (challenge the status quo, be a rebel, follow your passions….and love!).

Can you give 3 tips for creating a fun, positive company culture?

  • Be transparent! Be your weird self…makes things a loooot easier.
  • Include everyone in the creation/alignement process
  • Define specific behaviors to embed them in everything you do (recruiting, on-boarding, promoting, firing, decision making…etc)

What skills are needed to be a good Global Happiness Navigator?

You need to be good at connecting with people 🙂 you need to have a lot of energy (need to be traveling all the time), you need to be curious, you need to speak several languages and be able to communicate anywhere 🙂 this is a great question…I am just being myself but I guess its not such an easy role 😉

 Why do you think scandinavian countries is ranked so high on happiness rankings?

I think they are more balanced internally. I think they are more connected and sacrificed towards common goals/needs.
This is not a scientific answer…this is what think 😉

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