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Interview with Chip Bell

Learn more about how Chip Bell prepares for his keynotes and how he involves the client. He also gives some important pointers to customer loyalty. Read more below.

How do audiences benefit from your talks?

Provocative information, practical insights, easy-to-apply techniques, and deep appreciation of how customers have changed and what now creates a distinctive customer experience.


What are some of the crucial aspects to consider when trying to achieve customer loyalty?

Understanding what drives customer loyalty (not just what’s important); having clear service standards practiced consistently by everyone in the organization; ensuring the quality of service practiced internally matches the desired level service for external customers; having the right customer loyalty metrics that provide feedback and guidance to everyone; and, making sure the front line have the capacity, competence, resources and authority to consistently deliver a great customer experience.


What type of audience benefits most from your keynotes?

Those with a commitment to delivering a distinctive customer experience—one that sets the organization apart from competitors and one that ensure growth and profits.


How do you work with clients when preparing for a keynote?

Interview the program planners, interview 3-4 participants who will be in the audience, read requested information about the company and their strategic objectives; study all information about the organization available on the Internet.


What are some unique keynotes you have delivered?

A keynote for a large heavy industrial client in Shanghai to an audience hearing and seeing it in five languages; a keynote for a healthcare company on the beach in Southern California; a keynote for a hotel company in Costa Rica to a completely Spanish-speaking audience, a keynote to two thousand real estate agents in Sydney; keynotes to Lockheed-Martin at their top secret skunk works facility; keynotes to unique organizations like Harley-Davidson dealers, Victoria’s Secret store manager, CIA leaders and National Association of Funeral Directors!!


You can read more about Chip Bell here!

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