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Interview with David Fabricius

In this interview with A-Speakers, David Fabricius talks about his most popular presentations, how he prepares from talks and how you can benefit from his talks. Read more below.

What are your tips for Better Life-Balance/Life Optimization?

– Live a planned life.

– Get clear on your vision, mission and priorities in life Get to know your own “shadow”.

– Choose to live with a slower inhale and a stronger exhale.

– Be with the right life-partner for you.

– Realize that half rich, is rich enough.

– Go where you are celebrated, do not hang out where you are just tolerated

– Study and use a system such as my Vital Seven System that inspires you to keep better company and belong to a small Forum / Gift Circle group to be accountable to.

– Use a daily schedule that includes times for mind-body-spirit activities


Who Benefits Most from your Talks?

Dynamic, driven yet conscious corporate executives and managers Successful forward-looking entrepreneurs Sales professionals


How do you develop and prepare for your talks?

1. Really listening deeply to what our/my client wants and needs.

2. Focusing on what is most important to them – the outcomes thy most want.

3. I first mediate and connect with the Creative Source of the Universe – then I begin to to draw a series of “mind-maps” using key words and drawings like a movie style plan.

4. Scripting a detailed outline using words and illustrations.

5. Sometimes visiting wise old retired but formerly world renowned experts in the area my client is most interested in. Other times I read the very latest book on the topic and the re-study the most ancient books on the topic. Reflecting on the best philosophies, core principles and global best practices – past and present. Combining all that with my own best global experience across America, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia with the subject.

6. Depending if it is a keynote presentation or not, I plan some interactive experiences and theatrics for audience involvement to increase the learning and fun, and to add a bit of entertainment also. Sometimes I even include dramatic stunts to create a unique experience for my audience.

7. Finally I visualize the presentation and also allow for spontaneous creativity on the day of the presentation


What are your 3 Most Popular Presentations?

1. Heart of The Leader

2. Breakthrough to Excellence

3. The Vital Seven

Often we add my Fire Walk Experience to this and combine Heart of the Leader with Breakthrough and call it Discover the Fire Within. This works really well when we have a combination of managers and top sales professionals in the same conference. It is very motivational with take home blue for everyone. Sometimes we also break wooden boards karate style, or bend steel bars, or jump or walk on broken glass.

Heart of the Leader, my leadership presentation, is a pure lassie keynote. I delivered this successfully at the International Institute for Management Development in Switzerland and for Microsoft, Motorola, Mass Mutual and Swiss Private Bankers.


What is your Newest Talk?

My most exiting new talk is titled Future 2030 – The Way Forward  (A World Beyond War, Preventable Disease and  Poverty.) Here I show the audience two possible scenarios for humanity. One that will lead us to a social-economic breakdown, and the other one that will lead to a fabulous social-economic breakthrough. A healthier world of more peace, happiness and sustainable prosperity for corporations, communities and individual families.

Here I show companies where the next biggest opportunity is and how they can profit from following a more social and environmental responsible path.

I use dramatic images, powerful music and culture shifting ideas and language to explore what the future holds for us as a species and how we can thrive in the New World.

I am very exited about this important keynote, followed by a breakout workshop. It is my most important work so far. I believe we can radically transform our world for the better within just ten years, and that now is the time to do so.

I am especially exited to help everyone, of all ages, but especially the younger generation say-  Yes! I will personally  take responsibility for myself, my family, and my community. Yes, I  will forgive others, especially my  parents and work to become a  better person for a better world. A better leader, team member and community member.  Yes, I will help to make our world a more sustainable place to live for everyone.


What makes a great motivational speaker?

Natural talent and the embodiment of passion, personal excellence, deep personal experience and true wisdom Extensive and very specialized knowledge Being very relevant to the needs of the audience Love for people and a passion for greatness. Really caring Invoking emotions of inspiration, and making people laugh and cry Combining ancient wisdom with cutting edge ideas Strong yet compassionate eye contact A strong voice and masterful use of pauses and powerful words and phrases Great examples and exiting demonstrations involving audiance member volunteers Inspiring stories Extensive global experience Involving people Inspiring visuals, and in contrast shocking visuals or great props Being a true subject expert The use of great music Courage, respect and capability Giving audiences a real experience packed with immediately usable take- home value to last a lifetime.


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