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Interview with David Grier

David Grier delivers unique keynotes based on stories about his adventures and his passion for cooking. Here is why you should use David for your event.

How did you end up becoming both a chef and an adventurist?

I have been a chef for over 30 years, I always say that one day someone left that kitchen door open and I bolted out into the wild. – there are always numerous reasons what we end up changing direction in life. I had some personal reasons, some family ones and most importantly I wanted to fins a way to be a catalyst to like minded people in my country to help make a difference and take our country to the next level.


How are both these passions reflected in your keynotes?

My journeys/Adventures,have each left me with a scar, which is ultimately a life lesson, I have taken these lessons and they have become the layers of the foundation of my life as I move on. There has  also been the realization that I have had to embrace Change. I have ultimately had to see the rewards of change, otherwise why go through with it. The hope that this brings, but in order to do this I have had to have the correct attitude and most importantly, the realization that one can never achieve anything on your own, its the people around you that are the most important thing in ones life.


What types of clients do you typically work with and what do they gain from your keynotes?

My keynotes are ones of inspiration, they are my personal journeys shared from the heart of how and what I have done as an individual to come to terms with and ultimately enhance my life and that of the people around me. My presentations are accessible as I am a normal guy, a father, a husband and grandfather and go through the everyday problems that we all face on a daily basis , how I have come to terms with all of this. My presentation will make you think and reflect on life


Can you tell us about your most recent adventure/excursion?

My run from north to south down India. Starting in Kashmere, in the foothills of the Himalayas at the most northern temple I began this epic run down India, traveling through 10 provinces which in the end felt like 10 different countries. A journey that I felt that I was so prepared for, taking in all that I had learnt from my previous runs, only to find it was to be a journey that nearly got the better of me. From day one it became an internal mental battle, struggling to remain focused and positive. Every day was a fight to take a negative situation and turn it positive. Plagued by injury, sickness, doubt and overwhelmed by the demise of humanity all around me, each day became a search for some straw of hope to hang onto for that day. In the end as a team we managed to turn it around by lifting the bar, pushing me harder and harder, finally running 50km a day for weeks on end through this physical achievement I began to believe that I could do it and managed to shut off the world around me. There was never a time that I could get into a rhythm and just run because of the mass of people around me all the time, the continuous barrage of questions and just plain honest interest in what in was doing. I finally reached the southern tip of India, 93 days later after covering a distance of 4008 km. A journey that made me realize that I was nothing without the people around me, they are the key to my success.


Why should event planners choose you for their next event?

Through my journeys/adventures, I can offer an event the opportunity to travel outside the norms of everyday life, give people the opportunity to reflect and appreciate what they have and realize that no matter where we live, where we come from, we all have to deal with the same everyday problems. I offer an opportunity to escape for an hour,to think, to laugh to cry take on a different perspective to this, just quietly sit back and reflect and realize you are not alone in what you have to deal with in your life, we all are going through a similar journey.


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