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Interview with Ed Begley Jr.

Ed Begley Jr. is an advocate for climate protection and going green. Get some great advice from Ed and learn why his keynotes are popular – read more below.

How did your passion and concern for the environment arise?

It began with the first Earth Day in 1970, but living the first twenty years of my life in smoggy L.A. made it personal.


What types of changes can ordinary people make in an effort to be more sustainable?

– Do the cheap & easy stuff first.

– Replace your light bulbs with energy efficient ones.

– Ride a bike, when weather and fitness permit.

– Public transportation, if available near you.

– Home gardening & composting.

– What are your thoughts on green and sustainable events and conferences?

– It’s a great opportunity to share the things that have worked well for you, and to learn what has worked for others.


What is the best way to make events as green as possible?

A few things that you might be able to do:

– Recycling

– Green transportation options getting to the event.

– Hydration stations and refillable water bottles, instead of single use plastic.


Can you quickly sum up the importance of going green and sustainable in terms of our environment and climate?

It can be good for the environment, AND for your bottome line, if you do it right.

Pick the low-hanging fruit first, then move up the ladder to the medium ticket, and eventually (perhaps) to some big-ticket items.

I can retire now, because of all the green choices I’ve made since 1970.

My bills are super low.


What types of audiences benefit most from your talks?

My talk appeals to anyone who wants to save money, which is pretty much everyone.


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