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Interview with Geoff Cotton

Learn more about Geoff Cotton’ keynotes, inspiration, and his most exciting experience. Read on below.

How much does humor factor into your keynotes and other speaking engagements?

It’s a major factor…I find it helps relax the audience and establish a rapport at the beginning…and it helps to prevent the subject matter becoming too dry and corporate…

What is the most unique experience you have had as a result of your job?

I work as both a presenter and speaker. ..as a presenter, I’ve worked on four UEFA Champions League Finals…the Stadio Olimpico in Rome with 75,000 fans was an unforgettable experience…

Who or what inspires you the most?

I’m inspired by people who go the extra mile… Last year I hosted their Imagine conference in Copenhagen for the Kering luxury brands and sportswear Group… Their keynote speaker was Shigeru Ban…a Japanese architect who travels to disaster areas of the world and shows governments how to build emergency housing and shelter from cardboard packaging and tubes… He gives all his time free… an exceptional man!

What skills are needed to be a good conference host?

Confidence, presence, a commanding voice, attention to detail, timing, humour, ability to improvise and modesty 🙂

How do you prepare yourself before hosting a big conference?

I start by getting the best possible briefing from the client and production company. ..I ask a lot of questions and check a lot of details, from fire alarms and emergency exits to the pronunciation of speakers’ names…also timings of sessions  and whether I can allow any segment to overrun…Plan B in case of technical failure…then i read all my notes really thoroughly and get a good night’s sleep! Next morning I go for a run, have a good breakfast and I’m good to go…

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