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Interview with Graham Webster

Transforming customers into Fans – Graham Webster claims this to be the future of sales. In his interview with A-Speakers he explains why and what changes are necessary to stay a successful business. Read more in the interview below.

What are customers looking for today?

Customers are looking for suppliers they can trust and which offer good value for money. They increasingly are looking to self-serve and expect seamless and easy transactions across the different channels they use. Rewarding customers for their loyalty is also expected by many customers, particularly as many businesses still favour the new customer over the existing customer.


Why is it important to transform Customers into Fans?

We live in an increasingly competitive environment, where brand names and products and services are becoming less differentiated in people’s minds and where businesses need to differentiate themselves and stand out from the competition. Branded Customer Experiences are fundamental to business success. By reducing dissatisfied customers and turning customers into advocates and fans through improving differentiated Customer Experiences, this increases profitability and shareholder value. Customer Experience improvement correlates to customer lifetime value increases through repeat purchase, increased customer tenure, reduced cost of quality and recommendations from customers. 91% of marketing leaders believe that in two years they will be competing primarily on the basis of the Customer Experience (Source Gartner 2014).


What types of results can clients experience after your programmes & keynotes?

Clients can expect to understand and be helped to implement the key elements of a successful Customer Experience strategy to improve their business.


How do you prepare for your speaking engagements?

I try to understand the audience and the desired outcome from the speaking engagement, reviewing and tailoring the presentation material accordingly.


What is your favourite experience in your public speaking career?

I like travelling to different places and enjoyed a visit to South Africa, where I was able to combine the speaking engagement with a holiday across southern South Africa and to Cape Town.

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