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Interview with John Dano

John Dano is often described as a “keynote trainer” who, rather than just talking about skills in a presentation, directly helps teams and audience practice and acquire them in the moment through “gamification” and his uniquely effective program of “Scientific Selling.” Learn about his top 3 habits for success, what makes a good speaker and more in this interview.

What got you interested in motivating others to achieve success?

I played sports my entire life. I think the creativity and discipline to help motivate teammates and to be a leader has always been in my DNA but was enhanced as an athlete through college.


What are 3 habits for success?

Take action quickly and correct what is not working even faster.
Don’t lie – so you don’t have to remember what you told people.
Don’t do things that don’t map towards your goals.


What makes a good speaker in your opinion?

Engagement with audience. So many of us as speakers are online. Why hear what is already online in a video? I love bringing learning to life through challenging the audience and being spontaneous with my facilitation style.


What experiences have helped shape your way of thinking?

I had great mentors early in my 20’s.


Do you have any role models or individuals who inspire you?

I really admire CEOs of businesses that are producing some serious revenue 10M to 30M. I love how they have built something sustainable – yet are really trying to live a great life.


How are your keynote presentations unique?

Just come to one! You can’t explain unique…I think its experienced.

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