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Interview with Jörg Reckhenrich

Jörg Reckhenrich talks about what inspires him, unique experiences as a speaker, and his concept of Creative Leadership in this interview. Read on below.

Who or what inspires you most?

Still most important for me is the German artist Joseph Beuys (1921 – 1986). Early in his career he said. “Every Human is an Artist“. That inspired me most and let me think how we can unleash our creative potential. I believe creativity is what makes us a human being.

What is the most unique experience you have had as a result of your job?

Once I had a situation, working with two teams, which had huge difficulties working together. I went with the teams to a Berlin museum. In front of a couple of art works I initiated a dialogue to address the issues. Seeing how they opened up, showed empathy and started to share ideas how to solve the issues, let me understand how powerful art can be.

How would explain your concept of “Creative Leadership“?

Creative Leadership is based upon four fundamental dimensions

– Mastering complexity – that is the way we develop meaningful perspectives on business situations
– Orchestrating creativity – leaders have to ask themselves how to provide a safe space of trust and inspiration, that people can open up with their very unique ideas
– Growing emotional commitment – leaders must answer three fundamental questions: Who Am I? Who are we? Where are we going ? Answering these questions authentically, sets the tone for a trustful story.
– Anchoring organizations in society – organizations have to ask themselves: Why are we here and what is the contribution we can make to society?

These four dimensions are strongly connected. The purpose of Creative Leadership is how we shape the world around us while being part of it, at the same time. That is way beyond any kind of management understanding.

How did you combine your knowledge of art with business?

When I started to work with companies I learned very soon that processes in art can be very inspiring to the business world. For instance, when I take people to a museum and challenge them to find a picture which relates to their understanding of leadership, it always leads to very profound dialogues. Curiosity and a playful mindset is the mode of art and that is what business today needs a lot.

Can you give three tips to individuals struggling with creativity?

The essence of creative thinking and creative action are these three points: inspiration, intuition and imagination.

We all know this – that is a capability we all have. Think about a situation you want to solve. Often an idea strikes you in a sudden moment. That we call the “Aha or Eureka” moment. It is the first glimpse of an idea – that is inspiration. Than you start to sense your idea. Your gut feeling tells you if the idea has power or not. Trust that intuition it is the fuel of your idea. Finally there is imagination. Through imagination we can create a clear picture what the idea is all about. We do need that picture if we want to convince other. Imagination gives an idea a face. If we want to develop a more creative attitude, we simply have to open up for the three steps.

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