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Interview with Keenan

Keenan is a passionate and energetic speaker on sales, success, and business. In his talks, Keenan blends data, life experiences, sales knowledge, humor and stories into entertaining and informative experiences that motivate and inspire audiences. In this interview, you can read what makes his keynotes unique and what he means when he says he’s a Chief Antagonist!

You call yourself “Chief Antagonist”. What does this mean?

In order to make change you have to be real and get to the core issues, you can’t do that without agitating the status-quo. I take pride in antagonizing the current environment to flush out the real problems, the real issues and the elephants in the room. I’m also “finder of the elephant in the room” but that doesn’t look as pretty on the business card. LOL!


What are 3 every day habits for success?

I don’t think there are 3 daily habits for success. Everyone is different and different things are different for different people. There is nothing I do everyday. I think the key for success is commitment, self-awareness and the ability to keep going. Then based on your own unique self, you’ll figure out what works for you and you’ll do that.


What got you interested in sales?

It’s been apart of my DNA since I was a kid. I was the kid who convinced the other kids to do what ever I wanted to do. I was the kid running the lemonade stands, etc. I’ve always been able to influence others. Sales to me is influence and I’ve always been fascinated in humans ability to influence their world and those around them.


Which of your keynotes is most well received?

On sales it’s “Bet On Yourself” people are completely energized and blown away by how much control they have in their lives that they don’t leverage and how much (happiness, money, control, excitment, etc) they’re leaving on the table. Sales is Coaching or Gap Selling. They challenge so much of what people believe today, but yet the audience is blown away at the opportunities in front of them in after the session.


How are your keynote presentations unique?

Energy, energy, energy and the content. My presentations challenge people, they get them thinking and they get riled up. I push the limits, and refuse to let people leave thinking, well that was a waste of time. I make people connect with themselves and get real with themselves. I get people talking to themselve saying things: Why haven’t I changed, and why do I believe that and why haven’t I tried that before and why am I not doing what he’s saying, etc.

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