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Interview with Keith Barry

The world’s leading TV hypnotist and renowned international keynote speaker Keith Barry has been blazing a trail across the globe for years. His skills as a mentalist have also made him a leading expert in influence and persuasion. Important skills for personal and professional success alike. Learn more in this interview…

Do you have a favourite experience from your career?
It was a dream of mine to headline in Las Vegas from 5 years old. In 2008 I achieved that childhood dream by headlining in Planet Hollywood alongside my contemporaries, such as David Copperfield and Penn and Teller.


What are common misconceptions people have as to what you do as a hypnotist, mentalist and brain hacker?

I think some people think I can hypnotize anyone, anywhere, at any time. However, hypnosis is a complicated technique and requires the concentration and permission of the subject in order to be hypnotized. Also, many people are scared of me as they believe I can hack their brains and reveal their dark, hidden secrets. I can only read specific thoughts which people are concentrating on at that exact moment so if there is information they want to block, they can easily put up a defensive wall.


What are 3 tips for increasing one’s influence?
As a scientist and hypnotist I know that well over 70% of communication is through body language. In order to become a better communicator and influencer one must learn about techniques such as mirroring/modelling and pacing/leading. 3 quick tips:
1 – Mirror your subject’s body language and rate of breathing. By doing that you will gain a better rapport with them and they will be more likely to follow your train of thought.
2 – People can only understand language at the same rate and speed at which they process it, so try to match the speech patterns of the person with whom you are communicating your message to.
3 – Read and study Dale Carnegie’s book ‘How to win friends and influence people’. It is still hugely relevant in modern times and Warren Buffet credits Carnegie’s techniques as a massive contribution to his success.


Who or what inspires you?
I look for and find inspiration everywhere. From walking in nature to researching the subconscious mind, I love finding inspiration in the most obscure of places. Currently, I’m really enjoying podcasts, most notably Joe Rogan and Tim Ferriss. A book which I continuously read is ‘Get the life you Want’ by Richard Bandler.

How do you prepare for speaking engagements?
I interact directly with the client to ensure whatever message they would like to transmit to an audience is incorporated into my presentation. My keynote is always designed with the core message in mind and then the entertainment and demonstrations are built around that message


How much does humor factor into your keynotes and other speaking engagements?
My keynotes and presentations are designed to ensure people have a great time and laugh until their faces hurt. This is done so they take their guard down allowing me to deliver the corporate message effectively and most importantly permanently.


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