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Interview with Kenny J. Anderson

Learn more about Kenny J. Anderson, his keynotes and his thoughts on leadership. Read on below.

What is the message you hope people will take away from your presentations?

There is a blueprint for success. As we apply the formulas for success, we can gain the results we want in every aspect of our lives. I recently did a World Tour covering 55,000 miles in 50 days through 15 countries and 6 continents, interviewing Global leaders in business, sports, entertainment, and government. What I learned is that no matter where you go in this world, people want the same things. People want to have  better health, interact more successfully with others, deepen their faith, manage their time and money wisely, and find where they can contribute as people in a meaningful way.
We can attain success in each of the areas of our life, but we have to do our part. The cost of success is not free, but it is available to all those willing to pay the price. We can live the life we desire!


Do you have a favorite experience from your speaking career?

Shortly after I returned from a World Tour where I interviewed Global leaders about success, I was invited back to Lyon, France to give a keynote speech.
The group I was addressing was a conglomerate of attorneys from 40 different countries. I did not know much about the legal profession, but I did know 7 core principles that would be of value in any industry. I presented for about an hour to these group of delegates with their representative country flags displayed.
I realized at that moment that the Common Denominators For Success are universal and can have a significant impact among any group in any country. I enjoyed this experience tremendously and through this opportunity discovered a world of possibility.


How do you prepare for speaking engagements?

I have been passionate about the study of success for over 20 years. During this time, I have kept a success journal where I have logged in all my research, personal experiences, stories, statistical data, and any other information that I feel would be of value in addressing the topic of success.  I often reflect upon these treasured entries and research.
Over the years, I have categorized my research into 7 key principles of focus. These 7 principles, which I call the Common Denominators For Success, become the foundation of my presentations.  I then customize my presentation to meet the needs of my audience to allow them to gain the most powerful results in their particular industry or measure of life.


Can you give 3 tips for becoming a better leader?

First, do what you day your going to do. Leaders gain the trust of those they lead by being consistent and reliable.
Second, know where your going. People want to follow someone who has a plan and knows where they are heading.
Third, live true to your values. Have the courage to make the right choices.  A leader doesn’t do necessarily what is most popular, but what is right.


How much does humor factor into your keynotes and other speaking engagements?

I think we can find humor in each of our lives. Humor is a great ice-breaker and allows people to feel comfortable. When people realize that we can all laugh at our mistakes and find humor in what we have experienced, they are validated in their own insecurities.  They realize we are all human.
I really love life and I think that my natural enthusiasm is felt and appreciated as I bring humor and a sense light heartedness to my presentations.
Humor allows me to get my message across and have it received with welcoming hearts.


Which leader inspires you the most?

The leader that has inspired me the most is my Dad. He instilled within me at an early age a sense of principle and conviction. His teachings and influence motivated in me, a desire to contribute in a meaningful way.
Other leaders have also had a significant influence in my life. I am inspired by leaders who are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in. I think we need to find passion within ourselves and communicate that message to inspire and influence others for good.


How are your keynote presentations Unique?

My keynote presentations are unique because they come straight from the heart and draw upon personal experiences. Some speak on things that they think may sound appealing or have a popular response. I like to speak on what really works.
I have been fortunate to have experienced a great deal in my life. I have also been grateful to have spoken with some of the most brilliant minds around the globe during my World Tour. These experiences set my presentations apart and add significant value.
I am in tune with the needs of my audience and am able to communicate information in an interesting and effective way.


What was the goal of your World Tour?

The goal of my World Tour was to validate those principles that I had written about in my best selling book, Common Denominators For Success. The tour allowed me to hear from Global leaders in business, sports, entertainment, and government.  During these interviews, I was able to share the principles and models of success from my book and gain added insights and values from those I interviewed.  The results were amazing!
The purpose for my tour was realized. In addition, I gained other insights that I could not possibly have expected. The value of such insights were not only of great personal value, but have added a dimension of experience and interest for my presentations that are priceless.


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