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Interview with Leigh Rubin

In the interview with Leigh Rubin, we learn that creativity is a matter of just doing things! Keynote speaker and cartoonist Leigh Rubin tells us about how daydreaming is the key to creative success. Read more in the interview below.

You teach your audience how to rediscover their childhood imagination. How did you manage to keep yours?

We all have the innate ability to imagine. Who doesn’t daydream? We all do! It is a really simple exercise, just daydream a little bit each day.  That is  what I  do as an essential part of my daily routine. That is where creative ideas spring from. By allowing your mind to wander (…not while driving of course!), you free yourself from the present moment and temporarily “change” reality.


You are a highly acknowledged comic artist and In your comics you let animals take on humanlike attitudes and behaviours. How much of “the real world” do you, nevertheless, portray in your art?

The “real” imaginary world which appears in my cartoons is  a good bit of the time, taken from actual incidents or conversations, which have occurred in my own life. Having animals “do the talking” is so much more fun than real life. Just imagine, how much fun you could actually have if you could hold a conversation with any species of creature. Life would certainly be much more interesting!

Time is money and has become a rare good on today’s business world. Can you give us 3 tips for creativity on demand?

Embrace Deadlines.

1. I know some people will call me crazy, I really really do embrace deadlines. Without them how much would we really get done? Deadlines may seem intimidating, but I look at them as a challenge.


2. Just sitting around “thinking about it” will rarely accomplish anything at all. I can tell you from personal experience that a pencil won’t pick itself up and draw. You have to actually start. By start I mean start sketching. Erasing is OK, too. I do that more that I actually draw.

Connect the Dots.

3. As part of creating on demand I am constantly trying to connect the dots, which is to say, take two or more things that may in no way be related and relate them. Connect them. You will be surprised how fun that can be. Sometimes, it is  a real stretch but that is perfectly fine. If you have trouble connecting two dots, then try two (or more) different dots. Once you find something in one dot that agrees with another dot, well, that is when the “magic of creativity” happens!


What type of clients have you worked with in the past?

Over the years I had had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of interesting people, from grade school kids to bankers and a great deal in-between- from universities and colleges to professional organizations and professional investment groups; from high tech conferences to “low tech” events. I enjoy them all!


If you had to choose a favourite experience from your speaking career. Which one would it be?

It is actually an experience I have had again and again over the years. It is always so gratifying when, after a speaking engagement, one or more of the audience members take the time to let me know how inspired they are. That is truly rewarding.

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