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Interview with Lord Digby Jones

Learn more about Lord Digby’s keynotes, how knighthood influenced his life and the unique experiences he has had as a result of his job. Read on below.

What does the audience take away from your keynotes?

  • The power of business to bring everyone in society forwards and upwards.
  • The importance for the developed world to keep investing in people and equipment to stay globally competitive.
  • The importance of global emerging markets and why they are an opportunity and not a threat to Europe.
  • The need for extensive and immediate reform in the European Union.


How did you discover the importance of customer care?

Starting with the corner shop in Birmingham where I was brought up and my parents survived or failed on looking after the customers, continuing with developing a major client base at the corporate law firm in Birmingham where we had to try harder or fail.  Also, enhancing the membership at the CBI (Confederation of British Industry) by “loving our members to bits”.  All taught me that the customer comes first, second and third.


What is the most unique experience you have had as a result of your job?

There is a tie for first place: –

  • A private audience with HM The Queen in my last year as Director General of the CBI
  • Delivering my maiden speech in the House of Lords.


How has knighthood changed your life?

The knighthood in the Queen’s New Year’s honours list in 2005 was recognition of the contribution to business and charity. It was an honour that had no effect on my working day. Becoming a member of the House of Lords in July 2007 has been an enormous privilege but brings with it a duty to contribute to the legislature of the nation by dipping into my experiences gathered over 30 years in business.


How do you separate business and politics in your keynotes?

I invite the audience to come with me on a journey. We go round the world together looking at the opportunities of global markets; we explore how the political situations in various developed democracies inhibit or assist the development of people and the creation of wealth; I leave a business audience in no doubt that without the wealth they create, the jobs they provide and the tax they generate there would be no public services from California to the Ural Mountains, from the Arctic Circle to the tip of Italy.


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