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Marilyn Tam

Interview with Marilyn Tam

Marilyn Tam teaches individuals to reach their highest potential. Learn more about how Marilyn Tam inspires and helps you get better. Read on below.

What is the message you hope people take away from your presentations?

The message I hope they take away from my presentation is that they can live happily fulfilling their highest potential! Whether it is for success in their career, personal life, health or most accurately the combination of all of the above, my mission is to give people the inspiration and tools to achieve the life of the their dreams. When I speak at business events, people realize quickly that when they align their personal and company missions together, everybody wins. I can show them how.


Do you have a favorite experience from your speaking career?

There is a point in my presentation when the audience’s eyes light up and they are inspired to move forward with more enthusiasm and practical knowledge than they’ve had before. I love that experience. It is very rewarding to witness the participants’ integration of new, motivational and useful information into their work and lives.


What is a successful speaking engagement for you?

I am successful when my client feels that they have received more value from my presentation than they hoped for. This is what I plan to do every time I speak and I am grateful to say that it is usually the case.


How are your keynote presentations unique?

Keynotes set the tone, inspire and energize the audience at any gathering. My presentations of course do that. And because I share from experience with personal stories, principles and actions steps, people get in addition, practical and lasting ways of applying the inspiration. They are empowered and able to make a positive difference with what they’ve learned.


How do you suggest businesses tackle diversity?

Cultural, ethnic and other forms of diversity in one’s business is essential in today’s global world. First be aware of the need and benefits of diversity and then actively seek to integrate it into your business. It takes commitment from the top for diversity to be integrated into the system. Once you start to incorporate diversity into your business, you will begin to experience the rewards. Ask for support, both internally and from outside experts and others who have gone through the process. Keep going! You will be pleasantly surprised at how many ways diversity is going to reward you in your business and life. I can share practical and easy ways to integrate diversity successfully.


What is your best advice to women wishing to succeed in the business world?

My advice to women in the business world is – know that you are good enough to succeed! Keep going, there are many ways to advance past the “glass ceiling”. One of the best ways is to break down the “glass walls”, by getting more experience in related areas of your expertise so that you are the best and most rounded candidate for the enxt promotion.


How does your upbringing and personal history influence your keynotes?

Learning from many types of hardship – gender, economic, ethnic, geographic, and cultural, I can speak from experience on how to overcome them and succeed beyond your wildest dreams. Certainly as a neglected and abused girl child growing up in Hong Kong, I didn’t imagine that one day I would be a Fortune 500 executive, author, speaker, entrepreneur and humanitarian living in Santa Barbara, CA. What I learned from others and from experience can inspire others and give them the secrets to success beyond anything they can even imagine now. My keynotes are motivational and practical in ways that only someone who has gone through it herself can deliver.


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