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Interview with Matthew Della Porta

In this inspiring interview with A-Speakers, Matthew Della Porta shares some of his insights into positive psychology, and reveals why happy employees are paramount to business success. Read more below.

Have you ever thought about going back to academia full-time? Why? Why not?


I currently have no plans to go to academia full-time because I am passionate about the application of positive psychology research in organizational settings. An academic career for me would be primarily focused on producing more research, without necessarily taking the next step of finding ways to bring that research to life in the workplace. I’m glad to have academic/research experience, but I am now focused on using this experience to help others.


What do you gain personally from being a public speaker?


Part of me loves to entertain and make people laugh. When I was younger, I considered being an actor or stand-up comedian. Once I became a positive psychology researcher, I realized that public speaking gave me an outlet for the entertainer inside me, without having to deal with all the Hollywood mumbo jumbo!


Who or what inspires you most?


I love to hear about courageous leaders that are redefining how to run a successful organization by focusing internally on their culture and treating their employees like worthwhile human beings. For now, these leaders are outliers – but one day they will be the norm. As I meet more and more of these leaders and hear their stories, I am inspired to build on their momentum and encourage other leaders to follow their examples.


Why is employee happiness important?


Research shows that there is a strong link between employee happiness, engagement, and the bottom line. Many people already know this. Although the research is important, I also like to think of employee happiness as it relates to individual people. I’ve heard so many heart-breaking stories about how people are unhappy at work and how this negatively affects their personal lives. Employee happiness is important because many people are miserable at work and it’s time that we do something about this — for the mutual benefit of the employees and their organizations.


What types of results do clients experience after your programmes & keynotes?


In general, clients are opened up to a new possibility – one of a workplace in which employees are thriving and, as a result, their organization becomes more successful than ever. Most people want this to happen but they have lost hope in it ever becoming a reality; I help to reignite this hope. Practically, clients come away re-thinking the way work gets done in their organizations. I am amazed at the ingenuity people show when they are inspired to embed a positive culture into daily work operations. The process looks different for each client, but the results are mostly the same: happier people that are thriving at work, fueling greater success in their organizations.

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