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Interview with Max Howard

Learn more from Max Howard about the Disney approach to creativity and how you best increase creativity in the workplace. Read his interview with A-Speakers below.

What is the message you hope people take away from your presentations?

inspiration, a sense of ‘we can do that’.  A clarity and insight, balancing creativity and practicality.  The understanding those two goals must live in harmony to be successful.


How are your keynotes unique?

Having worked on some of the most successful and inspiring animated motion pictures, the points of reference within the presentations are relatable to films and characters that the majority, if not everyone attending, will already know.  How were the films they enjoyed, created.
How to create a story and then bring it to fruition.  Everyone has a story to tell, no matter what their business.  Applying motion picture story telling techniques to any business provides an inspiring and totally unique perspective.


Who or what is your biggest source of inspiration?

Having worked with some of the greatest and important writers, directors and actors of the 20th century, from both sides of the Atlantic.  This unparalled interaction has provided a special and varied insight into the world of creativity and therefore, the inspiration for the presentation.


How has your time at Disney shaped your keynotes?

The Disney approach to delivering family entertainment to a worldwide audience.  What it takes to communicate efficiently, concisely and in an entertaining way.


What types of audiences benefit from your keynotes?

Companies and individuals that are looking for inspiration, something new, something different.  Whether is be from a workshop or a speech.


What advice would you give companies who are looking to increase creativity? 

Don’t be afraid to dream.


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