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Interview with Michael Bergdahl

In this interview with A-Speakers, Michael Bergdahl talks about his speaking career, memorable moments and his three tips for success in the corporate world. Read more below.

What is the message you hope people take away from your presentations?

A: I try to make my message inspirational & entertaining while at the same time I am providing solid content. My message to my audiences is: “With the right strategy you can compete, survive, and thrive in competition with your competitors both small and large.


What is the feeling you would like people to take away?

A: Be proactive by embracing these 13 words: “If it is to be . . . it is up to me . . . to do it!”


How do you prepare for speaking engagements?

A: It is all about them . . . the meeting planner . . . and their audience members. I’ve found meeting planners expect tailored & customized presentations that fit the theme of their conference and the needs of their audience members (not a boiler plate presentation). I try to speak to representatives of the event in advance and even some attendees to gain insights into the unique challenges they are facing. I then tailor my remarks to meet their needs.


What do you gain personally from being a public speaker? 

A: It is my calling . . . it is what I was put on the earth to do.


How much does humor factor into your keynotes and other speaking engagements? 

A: Humor is very important. I use lots of humor to break the ice and to keep the program interesting and entertaining.


How do you use Sam Walton as inspiration for your keynotes?

A: Because his company became the world’s largest (annual sales of US$467 billiion), and he himself became the world’s richest man (worth US$100 billion when he died), his story is one of the most inspiring entrepreneurial “rags to richest” stories of all time! Interestingly, his best practices are based on simplicity so audience members can replicate them in their lives and in their businesses.


How are your keynote presentations unique?

A: I have created a unique niche. Because I have written three books about Walmart and Sam Walton I truly am a subject matter expert. There is no one who can provide the insights I provide on “the strategies of the world’s largest company” and “ the tactics of the world’s richest man.”


Do you have any unique memorable moments in your speaking career?

A: At one conference I attended a specially catered dinner ON the Great Wall of China!
Another not so positive memory was a 42 hour trip from my home in Penssylvania to the hotel in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia where I was speaking (I made it on time for the event!) The last memory was when I was stopped in Washington DC, and I was not allowed to board a flight to South Africa because my passport had run out of blank pages. (I made it to this event on time also!)


What are your top 3 tips for success in the corporate world? 

A: Strive for excellence, take care of your people, and serve your customers!

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