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Interview with Neal Fullerton

Neal Fullerton’s interactive and entertaining musical talks bring people closer through the universal language of music. In this interview with A-Speakers, he reveals why he decided to pursue a career as a musical speaker, and where he finds his inspiration. Read more below.

How are your keynote presentations unique?

My presentations are unique because the audience themselves become active participants during the session and together – as a united group – we actually achieve something remarkable and unexpected. We make music together.


Who or what inspires you most?

Positive people who see their glass as “half-full” rather than “half-empty” inspire me. Music of course, is also a huge inspiration because I love the way that it can affect our emotions so powerfully, and yet we can’t see it or hold it in our hands.


What made you decide to pursue a career as a musical public speaker?

I’ve always been fascinated by great public speakers and performers – those individuals who seem to effortlessly get a message across to large audiences and create a personal rapport with each and every listener. I wanted to be that kind of speaker.


What is the most unique experience you have had as a result of your job?

Delivering a musical talk aboard a navy battleship in a Norwegian fjord for the armed-forces, during a snow-storm with temperatures of minus 20 degrees!


What are your three best tips for achieving effective teamwork in a workplace setting?

My 3 tips would be:

1) Make sure that all the team members have clear and achievable goals which they understand

2) Have systems in place to recognize and reward commitment and achievement along the way

3) Inject some fun into the workplace.


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