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Interview with Patrick Mork

Learn more about Google Play’s marketing guy, Patrick Mork. Read this interview to learn more about his keynotes and about mobile marketing.

How did you get started at Google?

Joined them in September 2011.  Initially to run branding efforts on mobile. As things developed I was then pulled in to help launch our app marketing efforts and spearhead the re-branding of our app store into a full service entertainment hub.


What are some of your most popular keynotes?  

Marketing 101 for developers has always been of interest because marketing and PR tend to be such a black box for these folks.  Typically, their knowledge of marketing is really limited to banner campaigns and adwords.  They have lots of passion and spirit for developing great products but the nature of how to build structured marketing plans or how to segment a customer base is lost on them.  Also my talks around hiring and structuring teams at startups based on my own experience at GetJar, glu and i-play are always interesting.  Many times based more on some of the mistakes I’ve learned from then from the successes.


How do you work with clients when preparing for a keynote?  

The key is really to understand what clients are looking for and what kind of culture they operate in.  I always try to draw from examples in my past and tie this back to theory but the critical thing is identifying what are the clients key issues and what is within the realm of possibility for them to change.


What kinds of advice would you give to new entrepreneurs?  

Only do what you love.  Surrond yourself with people that are better (functionally) than you are.  Stay humble no matter your success.  Never take dumb money but always take more than you need.  Product is 40% of your marketing; the rest is you and your core team.  Success is 30% team, 30% product, 30% execution and 10% luck.


What are some unique experiences you have had as a keynote speaker?  

Speaking at Google IO on app marketing was unique because it was a crowd of 1000 passionate Android app developers that was lives-treamed all over the globe.  The presentation was viewed more than 10,000 times via YouTube and I really felt like I was helping people understand how to improve their business and market their products.  Speaking at the Redwood City Educational Fund on education was also inspiring because education and technology go hand in hand and technology can have such a huge impact on improving the education of our children.  Anywhere where I feel I can help and inspire people become better at what they do is fulfilling for me.  No matter the size or the audience.


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