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Paul Blackburn

Interview with Paul Blackburn

Paul Blackburn answers A-Speakers’ questions on the best steps towards success, mental edge, and reaching true potential. Read on below.

Can you tell us some of the success stories of organizations you have worked with?

  • Worked with FDBs (retail chain) helping them grow from $20M to $50M per year in an 18month period.
  • Worked with NSW Police Force women empowerment project securing first female commissioner in history.
  • Worked with Australian Sports Commission as it absorbed and re-tasked the entire Australian Institute of Sport.
  • Guest Speaker at McDonalds biannual conference (most popular speaker award)


What is personality profiling, and why is it useful?

  • Its a self administered test which reveals a persons habitual strengths and weaknesses.
  • It also pretty accurately predicts tasks in which a person will likely fail or succeed enabling people to placed within an organisation in such a way that they will feel like a round peg in a round hole.


How do you push people to reach their true potential (professionally and personally)?

Pushing people rarely works except on reality TV shows where it is a major crowd pleaser because, when pushed far enough, people generally crack up. We are specialists at helping people find their own internal source of motivation. The consequences are that they get themselves out of bed with excitement and anticipation for the day. The flow on effect is heaps of energy and enthusiasm. We have a series of processes and techniques that can be taught to anyone from 12 to 80 years old.


What are some of your tips for gaining the mental edge?

In 1973 I was given a class of delinquent 16 year olds to teach woodwork. They were only interested in disruptive & destructive activities. I was barely 20 myself. In desperation I promised them I’d teach them how to make kayaks and invited them to camp at my house and paddle them up and down the river in exchange for behaving themselves. Some of those kids were illiterate but by the end of the year they could read the text books I said stood between them and their own boat. My conclusion is that anyone with sufficient motivation (see above) will get and maintain the mental age.


What types of audiences benefit most from your talks?

Small business owners are always looking to work smarter – they love hearing how to do that in plain English.


You can read more about Paul Blackburn here!

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