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Interview with Paul McNeive

Paul McNeive is an astonishing man who knows about the secrets of motivation and says “Everything is Possible”! Read more about him in his interview below.

What gave you the strength to overcome the twist of fate that caused you losing your legs in a fire?

I was very motivated to prove to myself, and others, that I could get back to being the same person I was before the accident.Also I wanted to do as well as possible for the sake of my family.I also found it very motivating when people felt sorry for me or “wrote me off” and assumed that I wouldn’t be able to do many things.


Can you provide 3 tips for motivating oneself?

a) Pick just one Goal-the most important one, the “game changer” and focus your effort on achieving that.

b) You must have a Plan-what you are going to do, and when. It must be written down-that alone gives you a new sense of purpose.But keep your Plan simple-not more than one page.

c) Visualise yourself when you have achieved this great Goal. What will you be doing? What will you look like? Where will you be?These are all lessons I learned in Rehabilitation Hospital on how to achieve things.


If you would have to define one main personal message of your talks which one would it be?

“Everything is Possible”! The irony of my story is that I would not have achieved most of the things I have done, if I hadn’t lost my legs.For example, becoming the first double amputeee helicopter pilot in the world. Or leading a company with 275 staff. The Rehabilitation showed gave me tools for achieving things and I discovered that they work in every area of life. Anyone can achieve whatever they wish for.


How do audiences gain from your keynote presentations?

The feedback I get is that people feel inspired, uplifted and motivated to reassess their own lives-both their personal and business lives.I am just an ordinairy person from an ordinairy background. Audiences say that my stories and experiences, whilst unusual, are believable and people connect with them emotionally.


Do you have a favorite experience from your professional speaking career?

Where appropriate, I sometimes finish my talks by singing a song and playing the guitar. This is a good, fun way to close any session. I’ve already found myself singing on stage with “backing singers” like Deepak Chopra and space station commander, Chris Hadfield, which was great fun.


Learn more about Paul McNeive here!

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